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Reservation Rates and Policies


Events hosted by Student Organizations and University departments AND where a substantial percentage of the anticipated audience is TCU students, faculty, or staff may reserve rooms at no charge.

Required use of Conference Services

If more than fifty percent of an event’s attendees are non-TCU affiliates, groups must make a reservation through TCU Conference Services at 817-257-7641. If your event fits this description, please feel free to contact our Reservations staff if you any have questions about these policies and subsequent rental charges and room rates.

Important Notes About Rental Costs:

  • Audio/Visual (A/V) support that includes video projector and/or microphones is provided at no charge. This is referred to as a “set & go” event. If you require dedicated support, additional costs may apply.
  • Flip charts and markers are available at cost. Individuals/groups can keep the notepads.
  • All room rental rates and policies are subject to change.

Fronting off Campus Organizations

Texas Christian University departments and student organizations may not serve as fronts for off-campus organizations.  If fronting is discovered, outside rental rates will apply.   University departments and student organizations may co-sponsor events with off-campus organizations, as long as the mission of the outside group relates to the on-campus group.